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Maafushi Prison and ESG celebrate their Anniversary

Maafushi Prison and Emergency Support Group (ESG) have held a ceremony to celebrate their anniversary.

The ceremony started with the recitation of Holy Quran, was held at Maafushi prison. Ceremony was honored by Commissioner of Prison, Ahmed Shihan, joined by Deputy Commissioner of Prisons Hassan Zilaal, Directors of Prisons, and Commissioned Officers. more…

Maldives Correctional Service

16th batch of Qira’at level 1 starts at Maafushi Prison

Batch 16 of Qira’at level 1 has started at Maafushi Prison, yesterday.

The course programmed to go on for 8 weeks is conducted by Institute for Correctional Studies (ICOST) in association with the Institute for Quran and Sunnah. more…

Maldives Correctional Service

21st batch of officers pledges

Maldives Correctional Service has conducted pledging ceremony of the newly joined officers today.

Ceremony was honored by Commissioner of prisons Ahmed Shihan, joined by Deputy Commissioner of Prisons Hassan Zilaal, ICOST executive director SPO Ahmed Shahid, Division Commanders, and Commissioned Officers. more…

Maldives Correctional Service

Rehabilitation framework phase 3 starts

Rehabilitation framework phase 3 has officially started today.

This program targets inmates those who have completed phase 2 of rehabilitation framework.

The program held at Maafushi prison conducted by Institute for Correctional Studies (ICOST) continues for 1 to 3 years. more…


Inmate brought to Male in emergency

An inmate was brought to Male in emergency after been told for further treatment at Hinmafushi Medical Center.

He was taken to the hospital for consultation due to a sudden chest pain. Doctor stated that inmate suffered a heart attack after checkup. more…


ICOST holds information session for officers on upcoming courses

Institute for Correctional Studies (ICOST) has commenced sessions to provide information for officers on upcoming courses.

According to ICOST, the purpose of these sessions is to provide information directly from ICOST, more…

Maafushi Prison

Maafushi Prison Officers level the roads of Maafushi

 Maafushi prison officers have carried out a road-levelling program at K.Maffushi today.

The program was initiated by the Deputy Director of Maafushi Prison CPO Ahmed Jaadullah. more…

Maldives Correctional Service

HRCM holds workshop for prison officers

Maldives Correctional Service in association with Human Rights Commission of the Maldives has held a one-day workshop to prison officers to create awareness on human rights, today. more…


Batch 4 of house wiring and electrician starts

Certificate 1 in house wiring and electrician batch 4 has officially begun today. This is one of the various programs conducted by Institute of Correctional Studies (ICOST) more…

Maldives Correctional Service

Commissioner of Police meets Commissioner of Prisons

Commissioner of police Hamdhoon Rasheed has conducted a meeting with commissioner of prisons Ahmed Shihan, today.

Commissioner of prisons, Ahmed Shihan congratulated Hamdhoon Rasheed for being appointed as the new commissioner of police. more…


MCS conducts operational briefing of upcoming presidential election

Maldives correctional service has conducted operational briefing of voting of upcoming presidential election inside prisons.

Yesterday’s meeting conducted at MCS head office, Directors of Prisons more…

corrections prisco volley tournament 2018

Prisco PRC Volleyball Tournament 2018: Male’ Prison ensures second slot of finals

Male’ Prison moves to the finals after defeating Team HQ in the second match of Prisco PRC Volleyball Tournament 2018. Male’ Prison ensured their slot more…