MCS holds “Programmes Review Forum” to streamline inmate-rehabilitation

Maldives Correctional Service (MCS) has held “Programmes Review Forum” at Maafushi Prison to further strengthen rehabilitation programmes conducted for inmates.

The participants of the two-day Forum included senior management, prison officers and civil staff active in conducting rehabilitation programmes at all prisons.

Commissioner of Prisons Abdulla Munaz handed over certificates to the participants of the Forum at the closing ceremony held today at Maafushi Prison.

Addressing the participants, Commissioner Munaz stated that the Forum will help to improve and streamline the rehabilitation programmes being conducted at prisons and he would like to organise additional forums in future for officers and civil staff active in executing the programmes. He also noted the substantial role of ICOST in conducting such forums and thanked the Director of ICOST SP Moosa Anwar as well as the facilitators and officers of ICOST.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, DCP Uz Ibrahim Mohamed Didi noted that the Forum was an initiative of CP Munaz and thanked him. He also thanked the participants and organisers for the successful Forum.

The purpose of the Forum is to formulate a new and more effective rehabilitation programme by streamlining “Umeedhu” programme conducted for inmates sentenced for drug-related issues and the “Rehabilitation Framework” conducted for all inmates while identifying the challenges and redundancies in both programmes. The new programme will be subsequently enforced at all prisons.

The Forum was organised and carried out by Institute for Correctional Studies (ICOST).