An Inmate passes away

An inmate, 37-year-old Hamzath Ahmed Fathuhy of Silver, GDH. Thinadhoo has passed away last night.

On the evening of 04th July 2018, Hamzath Ahmed Fathuhy had been playing football with fellow inmates at the Prison yard when he felt dizzy and nearly blacked out and was unable to play. He was rushed to the Medical Centre of the Prison for examination and once the doctor diagnosed his condition as a stroke followed by paralysis of his left side, he was brought to IGMH on emergency status and provided appropriate medical care. On Friday, he was transferred to ADK Hospital for brain surgery but due to the seriousness of his condition, the operation was delayed and he was put on ventilator.

Hamzath Ahmed Fathuhy passed away last night at 21:50 hrs.    

He had been serving a 25-year sentence for a drug-related case, due to end on 06th June 2037.