Prisco presents “Roadha hadhiya” to members

Prison Cooperative Society (Prisco) has presented “Roadha hadiya” to all its members.

In that regard, Prisco had presented the gifts to its members working at the Head Office of Maldives Correctional Service at a reception held last night at the Office. Gifts to Prisco members working at various prisons of Maldives Correctional Service were handed over during receptions held at their respective prison.

The reception was honoured by Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Shihan.

The reception was also joined by Chairman of Prisco, Deputy Commissioner of Prisons Hassan Zilaal, members of Prisco Board, top officials of prisons as well as officers and staff of Head Office.

Prison Cooperative Society in an initiative of a few previous employees of Maldives Correctional Service and was formed under the article 7 of the Society Act to promote economic and social welfare of its members as per the decisions of taken by the board members.