International Women’s Day 2018

Compliments of International Women’s Day to all women of Maldives!

The purpose of celebrating Women’s Day at an international level is to note the steps taken towards the progress and empowerment of women, to call out for necessary and required changes and to happily celebrate the achievements.

Women play various and crucial roles in every society as well as provide invaluable service. Today’s women take initiative and walk shoulder to shoulder with men in the same line.

While women’s contribution is crucial for the development of a country, the increase in violence against women should be deeply mourned.  Increase in physical and psychological violence against women may turn a progressing society into a low and regressing society. Participating in international organisations or signing international treaties to develop women is useless if a country’s society does not believe or implement what is signed.

Today’s women are self-sufficient economically and are successful at international level in various fields, whether they hold responsible jobs or busy staying at home to manage their households.  It is our duty to work to provide as well as protect the rights of these hardworking women.

I praise and thank all the women for their valuable contribution in various fields towards the progress of Maldives. I take this opportunity to especially thank all the female prison officers and civil staff of Maldives Correctional Service for their valuable service.

May Allah almighty bless all women with a happy and bright future. Ameen!

Ahmed Shihan

Commissioner of Prisons