ICOM PRC Futsal Tournament 2018: Team HQ and Team Maafushi perks up their start


Team Maafushi Prison has won the first match of ICOM PRC Futsal Tournament after beating Team Male’ Prison with a score of 4-1 last night. The Tournament is organised by

Prison Club of Maldives Correctional Service.

Despite having several opportunities to score, Team Male’ Prison was only able to score a single goal.

The Man of the Match was Team Maafushi Prison’s Jersey no. 7, Abdulla Mohamed.  


The second match of the tournament placed Team HQ against Team Hulhumale’ Prison, with the former beating the latter with a score of 3-2. 

Both teams played a lively game with both teams getting several opportunities to score.

The Man of the Match of the second match was Team HQ’s Jersey no. 8, Moosa Hassan Fulhu.

A total of five teams are participating in the Tournament, i.e, Team Maafushi Prison, Team Asseyri Prison, Team HQ, Male’ Prison and Team Hulhumale’ Prison. 


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