MCS conducts Refresher Programme to prepare for Operation Heyhan

Maldives Correctional Service (MCS) has today conducted a Refresher Programme at Maafushi Prison for senior-ranked officers to prepare for “Operation Heyhan”

Operation Heyhan is an operation formulated to tackle the large number of pending requests for specialised doctor-consultations of inmates and remanded persons.

During the Operation, senior ranked-officers such as commissioned officers to first class prison officers will escort inmates and remanded persons to specialised doctor-consultations, conduct tests, take X-rays and other services. The junior ranked officers will also be assisting the senior ranked officers in executing the Operation.

The purpose of the involvement of senior officers in the Operation is to identify the difficulties in escorting inmates and remanded persons and to implement necessary systematic changes to make the service more convenient.

Including the Medical Team, a total of eight teams will be active in Operation Heyhan.