Inmate receiving emergency treatment at Hulhumale Hospital passes away

An inmate from Hulhumale’ Prison, Ismail Aboobakuru (55 years), Boadhi / B. Thulhaadhoo; has passed away.

Ismail Aboobakuru complained of chest pains and was taken to Hulhumale’ Hospital in the afternoon and shortly started his treatment. His condition deteriorated and was transferred to emergency and continued being treated there. He passed away while receiving emergency treatment due to cardiac arrest. The doctor informed of his death at 15:25 hours.

Ismail Aboobakuru was serving a 10-year sentence for touching a minor with sexual intentions. He was not receiving treatment for any serious ailments or diseases.

The family of Ismail Aboobakuru, Inspector of Correctional Service, Human Rights Commission of the Maldives, Maldives Police Service and National Integrity Commission were shortly informed after he was taken to Hospital.