Maldives Correctional Service starts two levels of Qira’at Course for inmates

Institute for Correctional Studies (ICOST) of Maldives Correctional Service in association with Institute of Quran and Sunnah has today started Qira’at Course Level 1 and 2 at Asseyri Prison and Maafushi Prison.

15th batch of Qirat course Level 1 commenced at Asseyri Prison with 19 participants while eigth batch of Qirat Course level 2 commenced at Maafushi Prison with 10 participants.

The duration of Level 1 course is eight weeks while the duration of Level 2 course is four months.

The two courses will be conducted by facilitators from Institute of Quran and Sunnah and is targeted to those inmates who can fluently recite the Holy Quran and are interested to learn the field of Qira’at.

This course is a part of Maldives Correctional Service’s efforts to rehabilitate and educate inmates for successful reintegration into society. In addition, ICOST continues to conduct several educational and skill-based courses for inmates.