Greetings of the new academic year

Warm greetings of the new academic year to dearest students, hard working teachers, management and staff of schools and educational institutions in the name of prison officers, their families and employees. 

Dearest students! The newly-commenced academic year should be used to right the wrongs done in the past year and to study courageously with the aim to become students who achieve great results. All students must work to steer clear from committing a crime and to become a person free of crime. To become a person that works for the peace of the community as well as protects others.

While an academic year is commencing today, it is deeply saddening that there are inmates of under 18 years currently at prisons. It is requested of you children to listen and obey your parents or guardians and work towards becoming a successful person and avoid spending useless time out on the streets. Also, pay attention to performing religious deeds. 

Parents and teachers bear the biggest responsibility of trying to raise children in an Islamic way in today’s challenging time. Raising your children with Islamic good behaviour is what I feel that would lay a strong foundation for a good society.  

On this occasion, I would like to request teachers and management of schools to execute their duties by paying more attention towards the safety and security of students. It is very important to protect today’s younger generation, so that their future can be bright.

May Allah Almighty make this academic year prosperous and successful in every way.

Commissioner of Prisons Ahmed Shihan