Ibrahim Arif: The most promising player of Maafushi Prison Volleyball Tournament

Last night’s final match of the Maafushi Prison Volleyball Tournament saw Maafushi Prison’s most skilled players in the Programmes and Offenders Team. Despite the defeat of Male’ Prison and HDC, Ibrahim Arif, the tournament’s most promising player; had played a good game at the final match and has been instrumental in changing the scores of other matches by showing his skills at the crucial time.

He had also won the man-of-the-match of the semi-final match his team competed – did he expect to reach such heights?

Arif said that he did not expect much from the Tournament but noted the tremendous support given by the Captain of his team, Ahmed Shaheen. He also said that he hoped to make the best of such opportunities in future.

Surprisingly, Arif said the “Maafushi Prison Volleyball Tournament”  was the first time he played volleyball. Based on his positive results in the tournament, the player looks forward to continuing to play volleyball with high hopes.

Some of the veteran players who took part in the tournament said that Arif is a very talented player and his moves on the back court was quite good and with more practice, he can get even better than now.