International Women’s Day 2017

Warm greetings to all women of Maldives on the occasion of International Women’s Day!

Women play a crucial role in the development of every society and nation. Today’s women walk shoulder to shoulder in the front line with men. It will be hugely beneficial for this country if women’s role were to broaden in the development of the country as well as their involvement in various activities.

However, while violence against women continue to increase, it is essential to provide due justice for these women. Women brighten the future and provide a solid foundation for the next generation as well as become the role model that shape them. Be it in the role of a mother, sister, wife or in any role or field, they are active in providing a good upbringing  for children.  If children are guided to the right path,  showered with love and care, they will be motivated to steer away from a life of crime.

Today’s women are self-sufficient economically, active in politics, hold decision-making positions in in government and private institutions. Even those that choose to stay home manage their households effectively.

Hence, it is our duty to provide fair opportunities for women to progress without any hindrances based on gender inequality.  It will in turn be a stepping stone for the development of the nation.

I note and thank all the women for their valuable contribution in various fields towards the progress of the country. I especially thank all the hard working and honest female officers and staff of Maldives Correctional Service for their valuable service.

May Allah almighty bless all women with happiness and success. Ameen!

Ahmed Shihan

Commissioner of Prisons